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Impact Driven Solutions

As a business consultant I helped identify opportunities to build partnerships and find drivers that leverage the power of corporate sustainability to drive business and social value. The purpose of doing good both as a member of the society and of the corporate world has today helped tap into my sphere of influence to be part of the solution.

Services I Offer

  • Helping business stakeholders identify opportunities that drives economic growth while building a purpose led business that enables positive environmental and social impact

Strategy Consulting

Combining process innovation, system optimization with technology advancements to help clients transform to a low carbon future and  advance financial growth

Sustainability Transformation

Developing social-impact content strategies that helps brands drive action, build community  awareness and truly capture the core essence of the solutions and services offered by the organization.

Marketing & Storytelling

Understanding and developing processes that helps small and medium enterprises define brand identity, build digital presence through website development, digital marketing, brand strategy and more.

Brand Development

In a world of billions we can never be alone

I share my experience, unsolicited insights or at times rant via a bi-weekly newsletter