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Human-Centered Design Solution

Designed to reduce waste in landfills from the use of disposable coffee cups and influence consumer behavior by developing a system that enables shift towards use of reusable coffee tumblers

Solution and Design Process


Student/faculty who buy beverages from cafes near Columbia Morningside Campus 


Studying faculty members and their coffee consumption patterns highlighted lack of access, awareness and convenience to alternative solutions that could replace use of disposable coffee cups


To shift consumer behavior and make access to coffee tumblers accessible we developed a subscription where consumers pay monthly to get a number of free coffee by using our TUMBLER (equipped with NFC tags). At partnered coffee shops customers can wash their TUMBLER or have them stored for later pickup. We are selling the tumblers and making custom ones

Challenges Faced

Building a unique subscription model that was desirable and easy to integrate into existing consumer habits.


Love the problem not the solution and be willing to reiterate till the solution is suitable to the customer using it. ALWAYS keep humans at the center of your design not the process or technology

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